in holiday all store closed where we can buy fire stick?

The Amazon Fire TV Stick will certainly certainly be a hot commodity this christmas season. The little device plugs into an HDTV and gives users an instant and inexpensive substitute for view content from Amazon, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Spotify and Pandora, among many other content providers.

Amazon originally offered the Fire TV Stick to Prime customers for $19 (down from $39) for a short time. The company’s inventory was quickly depleted and shipping times are already pushed back until following the new year. While the product is a high price now, there are more alternatives for those seeking to pick one up soon enough for that holidays.


While you will definitely pay more for the device, a few ton of listings to the Fire TV Stick on eBay. I would recommend this method only when you need it prior to the holidays. Remember, you could invariably give someone an “I owe you.”

Best Buy

Best Buy currently gets the Fire TV Stick available to buy online with free postage as well as in stores. Online orders won’t arrive for another a fortnight (if you do not pick one in the expensive 1 or 2 day shipping options). You are happier heading to any local Best Buy store or ordering on the internet and opting to pick it up in store. Every store around CNET’s New York office listed these devices as with stock and intended for online pickup.


Staples is another retailer which is supplying the Fire TV Stick online as well as in stores. Similar to Best Buy, though, online orders are not anticipated to be delivered for one more three or four weeks. An in-store pickup choice is made available and many stores near CNET’s New York office had at least six devices on hand.

Amazon Kiosks

Those people who live near San Francisco and Sacramento can purchase a Fire TV Stick at one of Amazon’s pop-up kiosks. The device is currently offered by kiosks in the Westfield San Francisco Centre and Westfield Galleria at Roseville.

For limited time, Staples and Best Buy are supplying the Fire TV Stick for $24.

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