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iphone 6 battery recall, Lately, Apple recalled select units of iPhone 6s which had defective batteries resulting in unexpected shutdowns. Going by a whole new report, it appears like the recall campaign could possibly be extended on the iPhone 6 also. However, Apple hasn’t officially announced anything in connection with same.   The news comes in the Japanese blog Macotakara with an above average background on Apple reports. The report states the company is considering to remember fondly the defective units of iPhone 6 after discovering the same problem like the iPhone 6s.

Apple announced that some units of iPhone 6s had faulty batteries that have been subjected to faster degradation as a result of experience of air for extended durations while manufacturing. The company added that simply a small quantity of iPhone 6s units were affected due to this matter along with the other items are free of this matter. Also Read: Apple iPhone 8 concepts with glass body and iris scanner look stunning The company stated that is just not a safety concern and that devices which has a specific serial number manufactured between September and October 2015 were affected by battery issue.

But, the recent report suggests that iPhone 6 that’s launched in 2014 may additionally hold the defective battery issue that produces the same unexpected shutdown. In many cases, the iPhones switch off unexpectedly regardless if battery life is above 50%. If this report happens to be true, this can be a second serious problem that the iPhone 6 is facing following your bendgate that happened soon after its launch.

iphone 6 battery recall, As an outcome, the screen popped out slightly revealing the internals. If you don’t remember, the iPhone 6 Plus owners discovered that a number of models could bend when subjected to high amounts of pressure. An official statement in the Cupertino-based firm is just not yet available, but Japanese blog Macotakara, with a good track on Apple reports, indicates that this company is considering this kind of option after discovering much the same problem about the iPhone 6 also.

“Apple has determined a really small variety of iPhone 6s devices may unexpectedly power down. This just isn’t a safety issue and only affects devices in a limited serial number range that have been manufactured between September and October 2015,” the business said. Basically, Apple says that some iPhone 6s models feature faulty batteries that degrade faster because of longer exposure to air during the manufacturing process.

The firm explained that simply a “small number” of units were impacted, adding that the iPhone 6s is the just one struggling with this problem. If the iPhone 6 is definitely affected as well, this can be a second big issue that this particular model is suffering from as soon as the famous bendgate that occurred after that launch. At that point, iPhone 6 Plus owners learned that some models could bend under strong pressure, creating the screen to pop out and reveal the internals of the device.

Bendgate and battery gate

iphone 6 battery recall, But actually, the iPhone 6 might also use a defective battery resulting in the similar unexpected shutdown. In most from the cases, iPhones coming using this bad battery shut off unexpectedly even though battery percentage is above 50%. For as soon as, however, the only a valuable thing with this entire saga is that the premature battery degradation isn’t a safety issue, so as the phone can indeed power down unexpectedly, at least no pose a chance of injuries. Apple is yet to confirm the modern recall, so simply take the data which has a pinch of salt for the moment until it might be official.

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