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Amazon Fire Stick Price

For a limited time, you can find the Fire TV 4K Media Streamer for $49.99 ($20 off; its lowest price ever) or even the Fire TV Stick for $29.99 ($10 off). Both are excellent buys and less expensive than their Roku, Chrome cast, and Apple TV counterparts.

Fire TV Stick $29.99 Wal-mart

Fire TV 4K     $59.95 Wal-mart

The current-generation Fire TV with 4K is often a versatile streamer which includes Alexa integration and 4K HDR support. We found the Alexa integration to become total success. Via your Fire TV its simple to ask Alexa for news headlines, sports scores, climate conditions, plus much more.

As a streaming device, the Fire TV delivers snappy performance, but understand that even though it supports a huge selection of apps likes Netflix and Hulu, it will prioritize Amazon media. So if you do not have a Prime subscription, there’s a chance you’re happier opting for a much more neutral Roku.

For The straight betters value, you may get the Fire TV Stick for just $29.99. Although it is often cheaper before (it hit an all-time low of $24.99 throughout the holidays), at $29.99 it is still an incredible value and also the lowest price we’ve seen because of it so far in 2018.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Price Compare & Review

Unless you’ve been moving into a bubble during the last 12 months you will have been aware of the Amazon Fire TV Stick. The device is a fully fledged media centre compressed right into a thumbs sized stick. A Fire TV Stick will turn any TV using a HDMI socket right into a smart TV together with media streaming capabilities. The device is plug and play. Insert it into your TV and access catch-up TV all of the main channels, entry to Amazon’s vast library of online movies and TV shows, Netflix and so forth. You can even install third party applications around the stick expanding for the capabilities that Amazon intended. Best of all is its price. All with this can be purchased at under £35! Use our Amazon Fire TV Stick price compare table below. Read on for our full Amazon Fire TV Stick review.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Review

There are two models in the Amazon Fire TV Stick. The original 2015 version as well as the new 2016 model. When you turn on the Fire TV stick into the HDMI socket and add your Amazon account details you’re immediately presented with a range of recommended streaming content in the Amazon marketplace. Amazon designed the Fire TV stick firstly as an affordable media player for your home and secondly to sell more online content. For a small fee you can purchase your favourite movies and TV shows after which play them wherever, you might be taking your Amazon Fire TV stick. The available library is large. Amazon Prime members obtain a great deal of this article a part of their membership package.

If you’ve got a large numbers of photos or home videos the Amazon Fire TV Stick is really a great approach to store and display these. You can upload these collections for the Amazon Cloud. Here your collections is going to be safely stored and duplicated and accessible for viewing on your Fire TV Stick. Your collections will probably be held in the cloud leaving the storage on your own device designed for application downloads but sometimes be streamed for your device in seconds.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Price Compare

Compare Amazon Fire TV Stick prices and other Amazon products.

Product                                                           Manufacturer           Details

Amazon Fire TV Stick                                     Amazon                         Dual Core, 1GB RAM, 8GB Storage, 1080p

Amazon Fire TV Ultra 4K                              Amazon                         Quad Core, 2GB RAM, 8GB Storage, 4K

Amazon Fire TV Voice Remote                    Amazon                          Control Fire stick and Fire TV along with your voice

Amazon Fire TV Game Controller               Amazon                          For gaming on both Fire stick & Fire TV.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick price compare table costs are continually updating.

Gaming for the Amazon Fire TV Stick

For our Amazon Fire TV Stick analyze it is very important to mention gaming. You can now download many different games to your device and play them on your own TV. The Amazon industry includes classic titles include Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and you can also download titles from vacation vendors.

There are also a number of retro emulators available enabling you to play games from old consoles. Games can be controlled while using the accompanying remote or an Amazon Fire TV Game Controller are available separately. There are also third party applications around that will enable that you stream games out of your desktop PC letting you takes part in the very latest PC titles in different room within your house.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Remote

Amazon Fire Stick Price, The Amazon Fire TV Stick will come in two flavors. The first version comes with the standard remote. It can be a simple device that will give you full treatments for your media collections. It runs off two batteries which are included. For a small additional fee you can find the Amazon Fire TV Voice Remote. With this handy remote control it is possible to the name of your movie title you would like to watch as well as the Amazon Fire TV Stick will search for it to suit your needs.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Specs

The table below shows the Amazon Fire TV specifications for both the 2015 and 2016 devices.

Amazon Fire TV Stick                                     2015 Version                                                                     2016 Version CPU                                                                            Dual Core                                                                            Quad Core

Memory                                                               1GB                                                                                        1GB

Storage                                                                 8GB                                                                                        8GB

Resolutions                                                         1080p                                                                                   1080p

Wi-fi                                                                      802.11n                                                                                802.11ac

Voice Remote                                                    not included                                                                       included

Alexa                                                                     No                                                                                          Yes


The 2016 version in the Amazon Fire TV Stick is around 30% faster compared to the original. One in the most significant upgrades will be the incorporation of the Alexa assistant we come across inside the Amazon Eco.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Price

The Amazon Fire TV Stick costs are simply fantastic. For under £35 (standard version) turn any TV into a smart TV and unlock a whole host of features. For a real small price you get a full computer allowing movies, TV shows, streaming, gaming and even more. When you take into consideration simply how much your personal computer of this spec would run you a decade ago you already know exactly what a great product it really is. This Amazon Fire TV Stick provides hours of entertainment with an extremely inexpensive. Use our Amazon Fire TV Stick price compare table above to get the best prices.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Apps

With the Amazon Fire TV Stick this list of accessible apps is seemingly endless. When we produced this Amazon Fire TV Stick review we had been overwhelmed in doing what you may get to the device. There is catch-up TV applications for all in the major TV stations including BBC I Player, 4OD and Demand 5. You can stream live TV channels like Sky News. If you happen to be a movie buff then you’ll be able to utilize some of the subscription service like Netflix.

One from the best points in the Fire TV Stick could be the capability to install applications from vacation vendors along with other sources. This is something that you can’t do on Apple’s TV products. With this feature you’ll be able to install full media centre applications like Kodi and fully unlock the potential of your device. It also expands upon their list of games available and pushes back the boundaries. If you’ll be able to consider something you need your media centre to perform then it is possible to usually find an app correctly!

HMP Verdict

Amazon Fire Stick Price, That concludes our Amazon Fire TV Stick review. The device is effectively a complete HTPC media center though the size of an thumb stick. If you don’t wish to develop a media centre or else you don’t want the cost then this device is perfect for you. The beauty with the device is the fact that it can play vacation applications and not those who are supplied by Amazon. Amazon offers some very nice contents but you receive the ability to install true media center software like Kodi.

With Kodi media focus on a Fire TV Sticks the doors are opened to many plugins and add-ons. The Amazon Fire TV stick will give you endless entertainment. You can stream movies and TV shows, watch catch-up TV, enjoy top sports as well as play games. During our Amazon Fire TV Stick review we found the product to become an excellent thumb stick device. Use our Amazon Fire TV Stick prices compared tables above to get the best prices.

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