Secret 9 :Amazon fire stick hack easy

Amazon fire stick hack, Amazon Fire Stick is a wonderful strategy to convert you Old dumb TV to smart TV and stream a great deal of things directly on your TV. Amazon FireStick costs $35 and supplies almost all the feature that a modern smart TV can provide. It is easy to set up you just need a TV with HDMI port, and you are ready to rock, Just inserts the Firestick in HDMI port and connect your Wi-Fi network and you can stream Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and also other channels in your TV. You may also stream Amazon Video library and also other 25K TV episodes for free without anything extra.

The best part of Firestick will be the portability. You can turn it on just about any television and observe items you like, the top example because of this Hotel room. Just connect your FireStick to Hotel TV and luxuriate in your site content. This article is by pointing out Amazon Fire Sticks Hack that you should use to further improve your Firestick experience. It is a simple guide on How to Hack a Firestick.

Fire TV Vs Fire TV Stick — Which One is Perfect For You (Amazon Fire TV Sticks Hack)?

Amazon sells Fire TV by 50 % different versions, are both different hardware wise and targeted to different people. If you haven’t bought Fire TV yet, after that your first Amazon Fire Sticks hack will be deciding on the perfect device in your case.

If going for the Fire TV, then you progress hardware, and it can output in 4K. So, If you own a 4K TV, then Amazon Fire TV is in your case. Other than that it provides a Mediatek processor that’s powered by two Cortex A72 and two Cortex A53 cores which give quite good performance. So, you can actually play game with this. Games like Asphalt 8 and works perfectly on this apart from that you receive Ethernet port, a USB port, and optical audio output.

The Firestick is smaller, cheaper and much more portable version of Fire TV. You can play very limited games into it, this means you will not output 4K. There is no connectivity port available. It is good for those who whom are want to stream contented from YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix straight to their TV without spending much. This article is good for both Amazon Fire TV Stick Hack.

4 Awesome Amazon Fire Stick Hack and Hidden Features (How to Hack a Firestick).

  1. Buy Amazon Fire Game Controller.

Amazon Fire Games Controller works together all generation of Fire TV and Fire Stick, but I recommend only Fire TV users to acquire this. Fire Stick has very basic game support, and this Game Pad just isn’t a good choice for it. Many games like Asphalt 8 and GTA: San Andreas can not work properly go with Fire TV remote. Fire TV Game Pad enhance your gaming experience on Fire TV device, and it’s also strongly recommended in the event you play games on your Fire TV. This Amazon Fire TV Stick Hack is perfect for gamers.

Here will be the report on Games that reap the benefits of Game pad.

  • Asphalt 8
  • RipTide GP2
  • GTA: San Andreas
  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition
  • Star Wars: Knights with the Old Republic
  • The Bard?s Tale

This Fire TV Stick hack is very a good choice for Gamers.

  1. Install Kodi On Your Device.

Kodi is one of the very best media center software. You can do just about everything on your Media Center making use of it. Most people who’re trying to find “fire stick hack” just want to do the installation on their devices. It is an open source project so, many developers are working making it better. It also support Add-ons, these add-ons allow watching Free Live TV and Free Moveis. Add-ons like Exodus are fantastic when it comes to watching free movies and TV series. Most in the movies and TV series can be purchased in Full HD or 720P. You also can stream torrents righted to your TV making used of it.

There are 3-4 approaches to install kodi on Fire TV, and I have written expose guide regarding how to accomplish that.

Here could be the Kodi TV Download guide.

Note: Many Add-ons are made and managed by third-party developers, and it is just no accountable for these Add-ons. If you are using such Add-ons, work with a Good VPN safe. Most content on these add-ons are pirated. If you own an Apple TV, then you may also install Kodi on Apple TV. The sad part of it really is that it can’t be installed on Roku so, should you own a Roku then you definitely can not install Kodi on Roku. If you own a Smart TV running on Android, then you can directly install Kodi on smart TV.

  1. Use Your Phone As Fire TV Remote.

It is one of the most effective Amazon Fire Stick hacks, and you’ll takes place Android or iPhone to manipulate your Fire TV or Fire Stick. Amazon made the official app that allows you to take control of your Fire TV. It is best when you lose your Fire TV remote and not want to buy another one. The app is also allow you to talk to Fire TV using the Mic of your smartphone. This simple app is fantastic How to Hack Fire Sticks.

  1. Use Your Fire TV Game Pad as Remote with Mic (How to Hack Fire Sticks).

The Fire TV Game Pad is very similar to Game Pads with X-Box or PS4, but it possesses a unique feature for Fire TV. The game pad comes using a Mic installed along with it. It lets you talk to the Fire TV Box directly. You can also obtain a voice remote separately. If you purchased a Fire Stick and wanted a voice regulates it you then can obtain a Voice remote separately. The voice remote is much better in ergonomics making it by better made plastic, so it is plenty to upgrade. This is a great guide on How to Hack Amazon Fire Stick.

  1. With Your Fire TV & Fire Stick Use Your Bluetooth Headphones.

If you wish to watch movies online and hear songs without disturbing anyone this great option in your case. You can connect any Bluetooth Headphone/Earphones by just going to settings after which Bluetooth. The process is identical to you are doing on your phone. It is a element, and I hopes other HTPC devices and smart TV usually supplies this.

  1. Mirror Your Mobile Screen On The Fire Stick.

on Fire TV You can mirror your phone’s screen. It can be attractive many situations but don’t intend to watch movies online this way. Watching movies or winning contests by mirroring screen will give awful experience. It lags a lot while playing videos, in fact it is a good choice for showing images around the giant screen. Long Press the house button for the remote of fire TV you’re going to get the short access menu. Here, you will see the Mirroring option. Now, you must find screen mirroring option on your phone. In most miles, it is present under Settings with name Mirroring, Mirror shared based upon the model.

  1. Stream Your Plex Media Server Content on TV.

If you are planning to convert your old computer to a Plex media server, then you definitely can use Firestick device as Plex client. By doing this, you is able to stream all the content from the Plex media server to your directly. As every one of the encoding are carried out on Plex media server so it is possible to stream full HD content on the Fire Stick without the lag or loss of quality. Steps to Install Plex On Fire TV.

  1. Click on search option on the Fire TV after which type “Plex.”
  2. Choose the first result and select Download button.
  3. Once the app is downloaded and installed, then you definitely can click for the “Accept” button.
  4. Now, Plex client will start. Sign In and get the content on your Plex Media Server.


  1. Delete the Voice Search Recorded (Privacy Fires TV Hack).

The voice search feature of Fire Stick is great and ultizing your smartphone to do voice search is one of the best Amazon fire stick hack. But privacy wise it is just not that fantastic aspect, Amazon wants to believe in order that it can market you more stuff. They tracks that which you search in your Firestick because of this. Amazon Fire TV records anything you say with the remote or Android App. Amazon says they do it to create the voice search better. But you is able to delete these recordings quickly. Go to Amazon then Account pages. On, account pages select Manage Your Content and Devices > Devices. Choose your Fire TV device about this page and after that visit “Manage Voice Recordings” Now it is possible to find options to delete the recordings.

  1. Get more storage for all of your Local content and Apps. (Only Fire TV Hacks)

This Fire TV hack is vital should you are suffering from low storage issue. with 8 GB of storage The Fire TV comes. 8Gb is sufficient to install some apps and few personal media files. But should you install heavy games and apps like Asphalt 8 then you certainly will need more storage. You can attach the thumb drive to Fire TV with all the USB port found around the back Fire TV. I recommend you to choose 32 GB or more capacity device to savor fire stick without thinking of storage.

After inserting thumbs drive navigate to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications on your own Fire TV to go apps to the thumb drive and clear some internal storage.

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